February 25, 2021: What's New in the Science & Practice of Meaningful Meetings

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Session Recording and Files

First, thanks to the amazing Lisa Rothstein for capturing our event highlights in that fabulous sketchnote!

Take a look below to find:

  • The video recording from the session
  • The chat transcript
  • The automated audio transcript created live by Otter.ai
  • PDF copies of both slide decks
  • New research on Meeting Recovery in draft form, currently out for peer review

Below all this, you'll also find links to several of the concepts and tools we explored in the session. As always, your comments and contributions are very much appreciated in the comments below. Also - check out Joe's new book!!!

Suddenly Virtual: Making Remote Meetings Work. 🎊🎊🎊

Additional Resources Shared in this Session

For Rule 1: Experiment with meetings.

  1. Remote Together Community
  2. Liberating Structures Events Calendar
  3. WoWPS and PPS - Book: Corporate Rebels, Article: Performance Promoter Score
  4. Riff Analytics

For Rule 3: Use technology.

  1. Logitech Video
  2. Zoom
  3. Voltage Control's Virtual Meeting Hardware Guide
  4. New studies on Zoom fatigue and How Video Meetings Mess with Your Head

For Rule 6: Embrace diversity.

For Rule 8: Plan the design of meetings.

For Rule 10: Plan for creativity and capture these results.

Emerging ideas about hybrid meetings

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