Hello From Me

Welcome! My name is Helene Jewell.

I am a workshop facilitator, and have been facilitating workshops professionally for over 15 years. I first created the Workshop Essentials live training in 2015, after small business owners who had attended my workshops kept asking me for tips on how they could deliver their own workshops.

That first course went really well. In the past few years, I've delivered this workshop to companies, public groups, and overseas to more than 100 new workshop facilitators.

In October 2019, I delivered it live for the last time. In order to serve more people, I've now created "Workshop Essentials online" - this course that will teach you How to Design and Run Your First Workshop!

Why You Should Design a Workshop

There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to do a workshop. Workshops can be a great business offering if you get them right!

It's important to first spend some time thinking about the "why" as it will help you to create a workshop that is just right for your target audience.