Interested in Becoming a Meeting School Instructor?

We're delighted in your interest and really hope we can work together.

Meeting School focuses solely on courses that help people design, run, and promote excellent meetings. Your course may be a good fit for Meeting School if it:

  • Teaches practical skills students can put to immediate use.
  • Includes engaging course material, including video.
  • Addresses one of these topics.
    • Skill-based topics:
      • Essential meeting skills for managers and participants
      • Meeting facilitation
      • Adapting meetings to remote teams, international groups, or other situations requiring special attention
    • Business-value based topics:
      • Meeting operating systems: how to design meetings to achieve business goals
      • How to lead a specific meeting to solve a business problem
      • Meeting techniques or methodologies designed for different functional groups (e.g., sales, design thinkers, committees, etc.)
      • Meeting performance, measurement, and tracking
    • Technology-focused topics:
      • How to use technology in meetings
      • How to evaluate and plan for a meeting technology investment
    • Meeting science, research, and theory.
    • The business of meetings: working as a meeting designer, facilitator, or other professional.

What Instructors Provide

Instructors who offer a course through Meeting School grant Lucid Meetings a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to host, promote, and sell your course.

Instructors work closely with the Lucid Meetings team to set up and launch their course. Instructors may be asked to refine their course content to meet Meeting School standards, and are expected to participate in efforts to promote the launch of their course on Meeting School.

Instructors are also expected to be responsive to student concerns regarding their course content.

What Instructors Get

In exchange, instructors receive:

  • Exposure for your work with the Lucid and Meeting School community, currently averaging 70k+ visits per month and growing
  • Hosting, ongoing marketing, and technical support from the Lucid team
  • 65% of net revenues from course sales through the Meeting School platform
  • An affiliate link granting an additional 20% on gross revenues from all course sales, including sales of courses by other instructors
  • Access to participate in the Lucid online community, where experts and clients discuss their meeting-related problems and insights
  • Free access to all courses in Meeting School!
    If you teach, you learn for free and grant all other instructors the same privilege. We're all getting better here together!

See the Lucid Meetings Meeting School Author Terms and Conditions for more details.

How to Become a Meeting School Instructor

If you think your course is a fit and want to learn more, please fill out this Instructor Application. Our team will review your application and schedule a time to discuss details if we believe you may be a fit.