Dr. Steven Rogelberg, featured on CBS This Morning, shares the research and insights that formed the basis of his new book “The Surprising Science of Meetings: How You Can Lead Your Team to Peak Performance” (Oxford) which was recognized by the Washington Post as the “#1 Leadership Book to Watch for in 2019” and by the Business Insider as “The Top 14 Books everyone will be reading in 2019.”

There are 3 principal components to this course:

  1. An introduction to the richness of meeting science and how it can be leveraged to bring learnings and solutions forward to solve the meeting “problem,”
  2. A system for assessing how you are doing as a meeting leader, and
  3. Evidence-based solutions for addressing common meeting leader problem areas.


  • Learn how you are doing as a meeting leader (strengths and growth areas). 
  • Apply evidence-based strategies to improve upon your growth areas.

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