June 24, 2021: Building an Innovation Culture in Meetings

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What does it mean to have a culture of innovation? (disruptive/sustaining)

Open to change



fail fast

Acceptance of new ideas, new approaches, and willingness to fail

new ideas

The ability to experiment and fail without fear

Everyone has a seat at the table

culture is not easy to define. I tend to think of innovation as thinking of new ways to sue things we already have

everyone on the team is open to new ideas

tendency to creativity

you have to dare

Freedom to fail

highly generative. OK with trying things that probably won't work

Willing to deal with “we always do it in the old way” reactions

everything is on the table, no sacred cows

Which parts of your business are most in need of innovation?



product innovation

Recruitment and outreach


Introducing new ways to bring together multi sector groups



culture (allowing failure)

Productive meeting for Embracing change

🍁🍅🌾🌽 Harvest 🍁🍅🌾🌽 

BLUF: Bottom Line Up Front:

In one phrase or sentence, what is your key takeaway to share with those who weren't here?


psychological safety means that you are comfortable speaking your mind. it amounts to an overstated perception of danger (often to one's ego) which causes people to overestimate risk

innovation group

Aligning incentives with the organizational culture

that it's ok to mix it up, and that we don't have to continue to have our meetings the same way all the time

mixing up teams, locations, meeting formats, facilitators

I love the phrasing of "freedom to fail" noted by someone early on

Braintrust that does not have decision-making authority

love that notion of brain trust with no authority

Freshly showered innovation meetings!

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