March 18, 2020: Mapping the Meeting Technology Landscape PART 2

Topic: Mapping the Meeting Technology Landscape PART 2

Background: Here's What We Did

We sought to collaborate with the meeting technology community to create a current list of useful technologies, then map these into categories based on the problems they solve.

You can find details about this project here:

And results from the first session here:

This Session

We decided on our first call that we wanted to sort the list of technologies by multiple criteria. We met March 18 to do that.

Original Source:

You'll find data exported from these systems in the files below.


We did not end-up with a collaboratively agreed-upon set of categories.

We did generate a lot of interesting discussion, several new connections between the people involved, and a larger set of raw data that we can all use in our work. We've exported all this data from MeetingSphere and Stormboard and uploaded it below. You can also follow the discussion by reviewing the session recordings.

What Next

We're done for now as a group. This was an interesting idea, but several factors proved that now is not the time for us to work on it together.

Here's why, in my (Elise Keith's) opinion.

First, we didn't have a clear-enough common goal.

Everyone who so generously participated works in related-but-different business contexts, and we all have different interests.

In our two sessions, we learned that we'd need a lot more time to form a shared vision of success before we could make good progress. My approach was too casual–too "Hey, let's see what happens!" informal–for us to achieve the desired results quickly.

I want to share huge buckets of gratitude for all of Steve Bather's and Reg Cheramy's great work in support of these sessions. 🎊🙏 🎉

I think they did a marvelous job considering how loosely defined this task was.

Second, Covid-19.

We started this work about one month too late. In a sad twist of fate, lists like the one we were trying to create are now in huge demand (everyone wants to know what their online meeting technology options are right now!) and we're all too busy to work on this together.

Good news! You can build your own lists using these resources!

For our work at Lucid Meetings, we've created categorized lists of meeting technology here Meeting Technology and we've updated this popular blog post 34 Tools for Online Brainstorming and Decision Making in Meetings (2020 update). We send these links to people who ask us about different kinds of technology, and will update them on a semi-regular basis.

Steve Bather updated his presentation on Meeting Technology here.

And here's an established, related list from Collaboration Superpowers showing tools for remote teams.

Do you have a version of this list we should all know about? Please let us know in the comments.


The video is a recording from our second session.