February 9: Liven Up Your Next Meeting with Applied Improv

Oh my goodness! How much fun was this? Check out the recording and resources below.

February 9, 2021

If you have any questions or need further info about incorporating Applied Improv into your work/life after reviewing the material below, please send an email to either Nancy or Izzy and/or join the unlisted LinkedIN Group called Instructional Moments: Enhancing Life Through Improv, Humor & Play.

About this Session

Comedians and actors aren’t the only ones who have discovered the transformative power of improv to engage and delight audiences. Anyone looking to find new ways to engage audiences, especially challenging when working virtually, can apply improv techniques to make their virtual meetings more effective and engaging.

By definition, improv is something that happens in the moment. It’s unpredictable, surprising and for most people,whether playing or watching, it’s a lot of fun!

Fun is definitely something most virtual gatherings could use more of. Improv techniques are adaptable and flexible and can be used to:

  • Create a level playing field
  • Make connections
  • Break the ice
  • Cultivate trust
  • Strengthen teamwork
  • Inject new life into any conversation. 

In this 90-minute workshop, Izzy Gesell of IzzyG&Co. and Nancy Settle-Murphy of Guided Insights, will show how, why and where improv techniques can be applied to add life to your next virtual meeting or training session.

Be prepared to play along as you experience the many ways you can use improv activities at your next virtual meeting. No previous Improv experience is necessary and no one will be forced to volunteer, an important principle of improv!