July 25, 2020: Learning How To Meet As Everything Changes

The Frame: 10 Simple Rules for Meaningful Meetings

In November 2019, a team of meeting researchers from York University, University of Utah, and Stanford worked with business leaders from Logitech and the human performance experts at Liminal Collective to comb through more than 400 research studies about meetings.

Their goal: to identify the top ten evidence-based rules leaders could follow to lead better meetings.

Their results? Evidence shows that teams with the best meetings:

  1. Experiment with meetings.
  2. Define meetings.
  3. Use technology.
  4. Avoid drift.
  5. Build larger teams for some meetings
  6. Embrace diversity.
  7. Build commitment to the meeting process.
  8. Plan the design of meetings.
  9. Use leadership to enhance performance.
  10. Plan for creativity and capture these outcomes.

Read the published paper here:

Lortie, C. J., Allen, J. A., Darling, H., Walshe, A., Abrahams, M., & Wharton, S. (2019, November 15). Ten simple rules for meaningful meetings.